The Ultra Long Range Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Kit - Flylink HD Plus is the latest addition to RAK's extensive and award winning Wireless HDMI lineup . Wirelessly transmit 1080P@60FPS HDMI signals from your source device such as PC, Pro-Camera or sport camera at never before possible distances of up to 2000ft (600m) line of sight with 5.8G wifi module.

With support for HD resolutions up to 1080p, you can cut the HDMI Long cable without sacrificing picture and sound quality. Enjoy a stunning audio / video experience with the convenience of wireless and the flexibility to network your environment the way you want without investing in expensive wiring. Effectively eliminate cable clutter and transmit powerful long range digital signals across wide open spaces, up to 2000ft. No need to run expensive HDMI cables at long distances.

RAK's Ultra Long Range Wireless HDMI extender Kit is ideal for digital signage and applications where HDMI signals need to be transmitted long distances or wireless HDMI live streaming such as restaurants, retail stores, film shooting, vocal concert,houses of worship, concerts, sporting events and venues.